KidKeyLock is a simple program to lock specific keyboard and mouse functions
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Kid-Key-Lock, as the name implies, is an application that helps you lock certain functions of your mouse and keyboard. It is an extra security extent so that your little child could not press specific buttons when you leave the computer for a while. The program is designed for a small group of users: parents having toddlers around them. Older children can easily figure out how to unlock the restrictions.

This simple yet efficient tool, considering the purpose for which it was created, is very easy to manage. When activated, the program's icon is found on the system tray. Just a click on this icon is enough to access the setup and configure whatever mouse and keyboard functions you want to be locked. You may use either the setup dialog box or the "Locks" indicator available from the pop-up menu. If you want to disable the program and have no restrictions to any keyboard or mouse functions, a simple click on the "Exit" button is sufficient.

Apart from being extremely simple to handle, Kid-Key-Lock is a light application with simple setup options. It does nothing more than the job it was created for. It prevents small children from pressing buttons that may cause troubles to your computer.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • It is simple to setup and run
  • It is a low consumer app


  • It provides few options
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